Too many people talk about how the big stacks have an edge in the online game. That they always seem to play inferior cards and suck out on monsters. In a sense, yes, that is true. BUT! The big stack wasn't a big stack all game. They started with the same chips as me and you. They started sucking out (or simply had good hands) on people early, and grew their stack. Do you think that just because they grew into the big stack that the cards just stop coming? No! They're a big stack BECAUSE they're catching cards all game, whether it's being dealt Aces, Kings, Queens, or simply calling an all in with 54 suiting and hitting a wheel on your set of Aces.. They caught cards when they had the same stack as you, and they continue to hit. Only difference from the early part of the tournament when things were even is now, it could cost you your tournament even more so if they catch strong cards against you. Put the "big stack edge" to sleep, it doesn't exist.