Hi every onre rockron59 from Australia



i have set my sights on the micro millians and started my campian and chose to play 2 games a day but already struck a problem even though i have satalite my way to 4 eventsall ready, the problems are

1, scheduleing micro 001 list says 13/03/2014 13.00

actual for me is the 14/03/2014 at 03.30 very early in the morning so good morning to all.

2, i expect it to be a long game as with 6 minuets to go 53000 registered and climbing WOW and second game starting 1 hr later so i will be playing 2 games at the same time no problems.

with the first day about to start i realise i going to have to manage my sechuled better as i could find my self running into the next day game and end up been up for 24 hours or more which is not good for playing poker but no dout been done.

good luck to all i keep you informed on how i go.

wow funny thing happen played 3 handsout of 14 heres what happen

hand AKo 2.5 bet last to call

one caller whos lag

flop A2j rainbow

caller gos all in think he has hit a pair i follow as i got pair board opens caller has J2o hits 2 pair takes me out.

HE,s the funny thing i went to rebuy but insuffent funds showed up lol

lesson lernt should have checked bank balance before play ha ha so much for getting up early