The two of weeks of poker have been pretty rough on me mentally.  While I managed to roughly break even over this time period (up $56), it all played out with extreme variance.  I had the best two sessions so far since I started playing back in October.  The problem is they were sandwiched in between a few of my worst sessions.  I found myself down $500, then quickly up $800, and 3 sessions later close to even.  While winning ~$1300 in two sessions was amazing, the overall experience these past two weeks has been rather unpleasent.  My confidence has taken a hit.  I feel like like Austin Powers, like I lost my mojo.

The good news is these types of situations in poker are essential to learning and improving your game and this time will be no different.  I have decided to take a break from live play, for a week or two anyways, to study theory and practice online.  My plan is to re-read much of my two favorite poker books and work on my game at 10NL online.  Poker takes patience, but it also takes action.  I feel like this is the right time to step things up to the next level.  I like to think of myself as an above average poker player, but that is not good enough anymore.  It is time to become something better.  I want to bring a smile to recreational player's faces while simultaneously terrorizing the better regulars.  I want the rec players to think of me as a friend while crushing the souls of my competition.  I already felt this way before these past two weeks, but it is just much more clear now.

Current 1/2 NL Results:

Profit/hour          Total Profit          Total Time

  $19.79                $4718               238.45

profit 4-4-2014

Good luck at the tables!