Wow, it has been over half a year since I started playing poker at Maryland Live! Casino.  It seems like just the other day I was voting for the first time ever so I could do my part to help pass the bill allowing table games in Maryland.  Crazy.  Anyways, it has been a struggle finding the time to play since the beginning.  Constant tug-of-war for time between school/work and poker, with poker usually losing.  Even so, I managed to make it up to play at least once a week on most weeks.  Other than the lack of hours put in, everything has been going as planned.  I have put in a total of 205.7 hours so far and plan on moving up to 2/5 NL in another 200 hours.  I hope to do this sometime later this year!


A couple of hand highlights from poker life in the real world:

The lucky:  I raise in MP with 88 and get a few callers.  Flop A8A and I c-bet.  Woman on the button calls.  I am already over 90% sure she has an A.  Turn 6, I bet extra big going with my read and she calls.  River, 6..... !!!  I check in defeat, she checks behind.  I immidiately flip over my 8's for eights full of aces (I generally do this at showdown regardless of the situation).  She looks at my hand and mucks.  I let out a big sigh of relief as myself and everyone at the table were 98% certain she had aces full of sixes.  She sees my reaction and a half second later you can visibly see the lightbulb go off in her head.  She said she mucked her ace thinking I had A8.  She said I guess that is an early New Years gift and I thanked her very much.  Had she been able to retrieve her cards and show I probably would have tried chopping the pot.  A second after the cards were mucked they were already getting shuffled up so I just happily moved on.  I wonder if this was the best way to handle it, but I can't give away $80+ chopping over the belief someone actually had me beat but mucked.

Another very lucky hand I am dealt QTs in late position.  I don't remember exactly how the beginning of the hand played out, but I check raise an A high heads-up flop with a gutshot and flush draw.  Bet slightly big on the blank turn to put the guy all-in and he quickly calls.  I tell him he is ahead and flip my cards over quickly.  He holds onto his and the river is a blank.  He continues to hold onto his cards for a couple of seconds.  I then stand up in disbelief.  A couple more seconds pass and he mucks!  Q takes it down haha.

The unlucky:  I am sitting directly to the right of the dealer.  Younger guy sitting to my left on the other side of the dealer rebuys for $200.  It looks like he has around $70 in his stack while the chip runner takes his cash and runs off to get his chips.  During this time he is essesntially playing with $200 of invisible chips.  Yes that is right, magic invisible chips.  You can bet with them and everything.  So a hand goes by and a guy sitting to his left rebuys as well.  A hand or two later I am dealt AQo on the button.  I raise on the button after a limp or two.  SB invisible chips guy makes a small reraise, BB folds.  At this point I've now forgotten about SB rebuying.  I'm thinking he has like $65-$75 in chips and shove all-in.  He snap calls with AKo for $80 + $200 behind.  I have him covered.  I lose the hand and ask the dealer how much I owe.  He tells me $280.  What?  What do you mean $280 I say.  Ahh I see, I lost track of who was behind and how much at the table and now I just burned $200.  I might as well have literally put a lighter up to two benjamins.  I am fairly good at controlling myself at the table, but I made a minor scene at that moment.  Told the guy nice hand though, shipped him his money and walked a couple of laps around the casino to cool off.  I could only blame myself and I did.  I came back after I composed myself and played for a few more hours.  Ended up breaking exactly even for the session instead of up $200.  Live to fight another day.

So moving forward from here, I am on Spring Break this week and hope to play lots of poker!  I would be playing tonight but we are getting 3-5 inches of snow in the evening.  Hope to play M-F this week and try to get a jump start on the next 200 hours.

Current 1/2 NL Results:

Profit/hour          Total Profit          Total Time

  $22.66                $4662                205.7

md live poker profit march 2014

Best of luck at the tables guys!