Hello again PSO!

Things are about to get crazy for me starting the end of this month.  First day of class is on the 28th and I am taking some serious classes (linear algebra?!?!... wait, it comes after Calculus II ?!).  Also on the 28th of this month, THE OPENING DAY OF MARYLAND LIVE! CASINO'S POKER ROOM!!!  Two stories, 50+ poker tables, 15 minutes from my home!  Definitely going straight there after class that day.

My schedule when class starts is going to be something like classes Mon - Thur, part time work three nights a week, $1/2 NLHE two to three nights a week.  Plus gym each day and hopefully manage to get some time in playing 10NL online.  Will have to squeeze a lot of homework time in there somewhere and some social time as well.  Going to be nuts.

My overall poker gameplan is seperated into two parts, live and online.  Over the course of the fall + spring semester I hope to build my live poker bankroll to the point where I can move up to $2/5 NLHE.  I need to roughly quadruple my current bankroll so I expect this to take some time.  Online I hope to squeeze in enough hands at 10NL that I can take a 10 buy-in shot at 25NL by the end of the Fall semester.  I want to say I would then work towards hitting 50NL by the end of Spring semester, but I don't think that is a realistic goal for several reasons.

Moving up to $2/5 NLHE live would be a very important accomplishment for myself.  If I am able to get there and prove profitable enough I could quit my part time restaurant job and probably make enough playing poker to cover all of my expenses.  I realize this is no easy task, but that is the end game.  I won't be spending a dime of my profits from $1/2, and I may even consider 'withdrawing' my original funds out of my bankroll if I build my bankroll faster than expected.

Oh and by the way around the end of June I made my home at 10NL!  Played very little in July and August so far sadly, but sitting on ~21 buy-ins.  Looking to add another 24 buy-ins to my bankroll before taking a shot at 25NL.

So that's what's up in my poker world over here in Maryland, USA.  Still waiting and hoping to play some PokerStars one of these days...  Feel free to comment if you want!