First shot at 10NL ended in complete disaster. 

Had 5-buyins to take the shot with and 2.5 hours in I found myself down 6.5 buy-ins!  Things went really bad.  I practiced little to no table selection due to having never played with 99% of the 10NL player pool.  I got set over setted twice for my stack, caught a little fancy play syndrom thinking people would be thinking on a higher level.  Turns out, they are not really thinking on a much higher level than 4NL players.  The main difference is they are more aggressive in general.  But aggressiveness != higher level thinking.  I mostly just ran bad, but I could have folded and withheld bad bets numerous times.  When I am ready to come back to the 10NL tables I will have to play tighter post flop and a bit more ABC in general.

Luckily my bankroll is still in a 99.8% safe level for 4NL so I should have no issues eventually grinding my bankroll back up.  My current goal is to grind my ~$166 up to $280 playing 4NL and then take a 10 buy-in shot at 10NL once again.  In my opinion variance was to blame for 3.5 to 4 of the buy-ins I lost so I am going to need a larger number of buy-ins next time to combat this.  Hopefully 10 buy-ins will do the trick!

Not the end of my poker world or anything, but thoroughly dissapointing.