I did it! 

I worked very hard to reach my bankroll goal for taking a shot at 10NL and I reached that goal last night!  Not only did I reach it, but I overshot it by $12!  I'm not even sure how it happened.  I played all last night and had a very bumpy night.  Had AKo lose to AQo all-in preflop, AKs lose to J4o all-in preflop.  KK lose to AA all-in preflop.  Lost half a stack when I flopped a low flush vs a K-high flush.  Barreled three streets when I flopped KQ nut straight.  Fish calls me down and wins with a runner runner J high flush.  Countless smaller suckouts.  It is all gravy though, somehow ended the night up $25!  Almost a mystery to me lol.  I was on the good side of a couple coolers, and had a fantastic hand 200BB deeped with AQs.  Raise button, SB calls.  Flopped TPTK and nut flush draw.  C-bet and he calls.  Turn completes my flush I c-bet again and he calls.  River is a blank and I shove for my remaining 150BB AND HE SNAP CALLS WITH MIDDLE SET!  My jaw drops.... it was beautiful.

So I have a ~5x buy-in shot for 10NL now.  May not have a chance to play until Wednesday, but should get in a lot of hours later this week.  I can't wait! 

Any tips or words of advice for 10NL would be greatly appreciated!  Best of luck at the tables guys!

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=s0aeuxaYZ7k"]