After having a rough time at the tables May of last year I took a break from poker.  The plan was to take off a month maybe, but that extended to two+... then I went back to school.  Poker got kind of set aside in my life for the rest of the year.

At the start of the new year I remembered that the poker tables are coming to Maryland Live! Casino within the next few months and really wanted to be on top of my game for when that happens.  I plan on playing there a lot so I should practice at the 4NL tables before sitting down at the 200NL live ones!  This + the fact that I never really wanted to stop playing online has motivated me to make some time every week to both study poker and play online.  So that is what I did!  I found myself a digital copy of Easy Game v. II by Andrew Seidman and Matt Colletta.  Really fantastic read and is helping me push through to the intermediate level of thinking and play.  I am now in the process of re-reading it to absorb even more info.  I have also started allocating as much free time as I can to playing online. 

I started where I left off, on the 4NL 6-max tables.  So far I have been doing very well (though I haven't ran too bad so I expect to lose some back for Lady Luck).  Started out with ~$100 bankroll and over the past couple weeks am up to ~$164.  $160 is 40x buy-ins which is my safety point so I am very happy to have reached it last night.  I feel the odds of busting my bankroll at that level is very minimal.

My current goal is to build my bankroll up to $220 to take a 4 buy-in shot at 10NL.  If my bankroll drops near or below $180 I will move back down to 4NL and repeat the process.  I do not expect 10NL to be vastly different than 4NL so I feel this is a good strategy.

So anyways, that is what I am up to at the moment with poker.  In the next month or two I should be mixing in some live cash games as well!  I can't wait!

Wish you guys best of luck at the tables!