Worst day of my poker life.  If your only willing to read one sentence of this blog post, read this:  My AA got cracked FIVE times tonight!

Had $40 worth of bad beats tonight and probably another $4-$8 worth of mistakes.  This is at the 4NL 6max cash tables.  The majority of the time I got my money in tonight I was way ahead, just to get sucked out on by some insane hand.  Honestly, this experience has made me feel physically ill.  Really incredible things could get this bad.  I'd be happy to post the $40 worth of suckouts if anyone is interested, but it seems like a lot of hassle if nobody cares to look through them.  The whole AA cracked five times in one night thing kind of gives you a decent idea how things went.

I guess I'll be switching back to playing 6 tables tiled, rather than the 12-14 stacked tables I am playing now.  I don't really see the point, since 75% of my losses were due to crazy bad luck that was out of my control.  I don't know what else to do though.  My results were SO much better when I was only play 6 tiled tables.  At the very least it might slow the destruction of my bankroll.  Also I could pick the fishiest of the fishy tables which in theory should help, even if my current reality doesn't really support such an idea.  If having the best hand isn't good enough 4/5 times after the money goes in, then there is not a whole lot of hope.

Profits graph so you can visualize my pain.  4th massive downswing in like two weeks.  Worst one ever the entire time I've played poker, over 7 years and half a million hand