Been a rollercoaster ride recently at the tables for me.  Big swings up and down and up and down...   Had a 28,000 hand stretch where I went break-even.  Three brutal downswings in luck will do that I guess.  I really think 75% of my losses was purely terrible luck, but the other 25% is most likely mistakes.  Lost some of my edge moving from 6 tables tiled to 12-14 tables stacked.  Getting better at it though.  

Luck ran much better finally yesterday.  Had my KK win over KK, and my KK crack AA!  Actually caught a couple draws too!

Looking into my 'red line' a lot lately as that has been rather steadily decreasing since the very beginning.

Current bankroll:  $145.34
Next bankroll goal:  $220
 (will take a shot at 10NL)