Things started looking up and profits continued after my last major downsing event (-5.5 buyins).  It didn't last long though.  Got off work last night so decided to get in a late night session.  Played for only 1.35 hours because I couldn't take any more abuse.  I could quickly feel my mind melting into madness.  I could post the many hand histories, but much easier to just summarize.  All my major losses last night were very straight forward bad luck.

Get all-in during blind battle with QQ run into KK and lose.  

Get QQ again, MP open raises, button 3-bets, I flat with QQ in SB.  Flop has an A and a Q, we get it all in, he has set of A against my set of Q.  I lost of course.  

River a boat 33344 with my pocket 3's in a low-action pot.  Get the money in against quad 4's.....  

Even better later I get 77 and go 4-way to see flop of 869 rainbow board.  MP bets 30 cents, button calls, I call, and BB calls.  Turn is the T giving me a straight and the board a heart draw.  I bet out big, BB folds, MP calls, button shoves, we both call.  They both had A7s and button rivers the nut flush.  Great!  

Next there is a half stack limper UTG and I raise from SB to 5x with KK.  He calls.  Flop is 87T, I check and he instant shoves.  I decide to call and he shows J9o for the nuts.

Get it all-in with AKs vs half-stacked button in blind battle, he shows KK and holds up!

On the winning side, I didn't win more than $1.63 on any single hand for the entire night.

Grand profit total was -5.75 buy-ins.  That's a new record for me.

Session graph: