May 9th

Been running into some insanely nasty luck lately.  My luck has been so bad, it is hard for me to logically even try to comprehend it.  Nothing to really worry about though, bankroll is still looking good.  Just delaying the inevitable.... 

The only reason I'm even breaking even for the last couple days is because I am getting better and better at extracting value, especially thin value.  Without that I'd be in the hole big for these last few days.

At the moment  I can feel the rage building inside of me.  Time to call it quits for the night lol.  Rage is bad.

May 10th

When I woke up in bed today I started thinking about how things went last night and it occurred to me - I am being too aggressive on the turn and river.  Getting fancy in some spots where I should be checking.  Like I said above in my blog, I'm finding tons of thin value.  That means people are calling too much on the turn and river!  I don't know if this was revealed to me by the Poker Gods or my subconcious, but I know it now nonetheless. 

I can tell you right now downswing is over, no amount of bad luck will stop me now.