Have a couple of sessions to discuss and then there will be some graphs showing my results so far!

Harrington Casino, DE - Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 2:30pm-10:30pm (8h) - Profit -$35 Luck: -1

Ran bad for over 4 hours straight from when I first sat down.  Let it stress me out some.  On top of that, I was still recovering from a cold and my head was a little fuzzy.  Judgement was clouded a bit, bad idea on my part.  Don't think I paid any attention for tells most of the session.  One hand saved the entire session for me.  Was dealt AA in the blinds, couple limpers and a button raise to $12.  I reraise to $35, UTG limper calls and the button raiser calls.  Dry K high flop.  I bet $45 and the UTG calls my bet faster than I make it.  Yep, somehow he gets $45 into the pot before I do and I never even announced an amount.  Turn is a blank.  This guy has shown me that he intends to call me no matter what, so I shove for a little over $100 more.  He hesitates and states he thinks I have a set of K's or AA.  He asks me if I have a set of K's and I say 'It's possible' and glance over at him for a moment than looked away, like I was too scared to stare him down(lol).  He calls, I show AA and he shows AKo.  River is not a K thankfully and I stack him.  Funny thing is, over the last 20 minutes he kept saying he should go and this is his last hand.  Yet he kept playing until BAM I take every single chip he had.  He immidiately gets up and leaves.  GG sir haha.

Harrington Casino, DE - Thursday, March 11, 2012 - 2:30pm-6:00pm (3.5h) - Profit -$390 Luck: -3

Yep, down $350 in 3.5 hours today.  Not so good stuff.Came in playing my B-game.  Maybe was still recovering from my cold... may have drank a little too much the night before too(big no-no).  Ignored my gut and folded to a big river bluff.  Still upset with myself over that.  I thought about it hard for quite a long time, but right at the last second just gave it up.  Later I flopped a 9 high flush at the same time a nit flopped the j high flush.  Based on the situation and his betting line, I literally put him on the J high flush exactly (flop was AT3d).  Rather than fold vs a nit here, I decide to reraise shove on him on the turn. Big mistake though, as it turns out he was currently on tilt.  I should have probably noticed this prior to the hand, but I had recently sat down at the table and he was on the other side of the dealer to me, making it hard to observe him.  Plus he is very, very quiet tilted or not.  Long story short, he makes a tilted call and stacks me.  Everybody else at the table was convinced I had the nuts.  Sure he was too, but was too tilted to let it go.


This tough couple of sessions has caused me to put a hold on my live poker trips and re-evaluate the situation.  Questioning my bankroll management.  I am still confident that 10 x buyins is enough to survive swings at live $1/2 considering my large skill edge.  That said, losing 2 buyins in a single session when you have so few in your bankroll is very stressfull and hard mentally.  I may want to have a bankroll of 20 x buyins ($4000), which would be a problem as I am not willing to set that much aside for poker and consider it spent.  Due to recent events I'm not even sure if I ever fully committed to the idea of $2000 being considered spent.

I am by no means waving the white flag and giving up on poker just because of a couple of bad sessions.  I fully expected to have good days and bad days.  I am simply putting things on hold for the moment so I can analyze the situation and consider all of my options.

I am seriously considering returning to college in the near future, and I very well may try doing so in Canada.  I am very fortunate to have parents willing to help pay for tuition costs.  I will however, need to cover all other living expenses.  It is this very reason that it may be in my best interest to save the $2000 currently in my bankroll.  The more money I can have in the bank, the better.  If I were to go to Canada for college I would absolutely be playing on Pokerstars, atleast part time.  Thing is, I cannot count on this for income in any degree.  I have proven that I can make $2/hour at minimum on pokerstars, but obviously that is unsubstantial.

Now for the graphs!  Due to the small sample size they are unimportant.  Still interesting to look at though!

Profit at the table.  Shows what I won and lost over all sessions played.

Bankroll.  Reflects money won and lost at the table, the addition of my $2000 bankroll, a $125 withdrawel for my speeding ticket, as well as multiple withdrawels to pay off travel expenses(-$100, -$100, -$20, -$70).

Finally, Time and luck.  Shows how long each session was and my subjective analysis of how my luck was running.

Thanks for reading my blog!  Please feel free to comment.  Who knows, if things work out maybe my next blog post will be made from Canada!!!