Harrington Casino, DE - Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 5:45pm-11:00pm (5.25h) - Profit $14+1 Luck: 0

Uneventfull night.  Ran rather card dead all night.  Patience was a key factor in keeping my profit in the positive.  However, I did call a few preflop raises too loosely due to impatience and the added knowledge that a lot of other players were going to be calling (giving me better pot odds).  Still, I probably should of just folded.  Dealt AA twice tonight actually and they held up both times!  Second time I raised preflop to $18 and had 4 callers....  flop comes J82 rainbow.  It is checked around to me on the button, I decide to c-bet really small for $25.  I'm paranoid at this point, but I have to try and thin the field.  Also, I think it is unlikely anyone limped prelop with JJ or called $18 with 22, reducing the chances someone is slowplaying a set.  I get two callers.  Checked to me on turn, I check for pot control.  Checked to me on blank river, I bet $30, no callers surprisingly.  Can't complain though!

One wierd thing about tonight, some guy a few seats to my left would raise preflop to $12 EVERY SINGLE TIME I limped in early position.  Very strange.  I guess he knew I would fold, but he kept having to put his entire stack(less than $100) on the line post flop it seemed suicidal to win that free $2 from me lol?  Would have limped/raised a premium hand from early position if I was dealt one, but it never came.

Harrington Casino, DE - Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 6:30pm-10:15pm (3.75h) - Profit $100 Luck: +1

Had to wait 50 minutes to play.:-?   I have two seats to choose from, I pick a great seat that puts a couple of deep stacked bad/loose players to my right.  Great seat for the night overall.  One annoying thing though, a few minutes later a guy takes the other seat and is immidiately dealt KK and QQ first two hands and wins both times!  Could have been me haha.  It is ok thogh, that new guy is a known regular who plays way too loosely and weak so was happy to have him 2 seats on my right. 

Saw a cheap flop with JTo.  UTG raised to $5 preflop and I was last to act in BB.  A lot of people seeing the flop.  Open ended on the flop, check then call a smallish bet along with 3 other callers.  Hit the nuts on the turn, but a club draw has been added to the board.  I check, UTG bets out small again, and the button raises to $30.  I feel like atleast one of the two other callers could be on a flush draw so I decide to shove for $300.  Everyon involved in the hand has around $150 or less so I'm not actually risking it all.  Just doing everything I can to fold out the flush draw.  It does the trick.  Guy in early position folds his flush draw and the button instant calls with same hand as me, JTo.  We chop and make maybe $15 each.  Club did hit the river by the way!

Overall played very well tonight.  Played tight and picked my spots wisely.  Raised to $8 in late position with KJo.  Flop comes AT7.  I forget exactly how flop played out, I think we both checked.  Turn was a blank and my one preflop caller bets into me.  Earlier in the evening I semibluffed a flop and then checked down to river with this guy and showed my missed draw.  I decide that image will help me here.  He is expecting me to check down if I missed a draw or don't have an A.  I also feel like he would have bet an A on the flop.  I go for the reraise on the turn, he bet $10 and I made it $35.  He folds his draw, and I show my KJo.  Nice hand!

Very usefull to monitor your own table image on top of watching everyone else.  You kind of need to play poker from the third person, like your consciousness is hovering over the table looking at the big picture.  Yourself is actually just another factor to consider in the overall equation.  Hard to put into words and I'm out of time.  Maybe comment more on this next time!

side note:  Withdrew $100 to pay off some of my travel expenses!  I wanted to wait until my bankroll was bigger, but it is starting to add up!  Will try to pay as I go for now on and pay off the remaining $120 when I get a nice boost in bankroll.

sBR: $2370
eBR: $2385