Harrington Casino, DE - Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 6:00pm-11:00pm (5h) - Profit -$89-1 Luck: -2

Ran bad, card dead for several hours.  Became impatient and let it somewhat tilt me. 

Called down a 'fish' player's all-in one hand on the river after putting myself in a bad spot.  It was a 3-way pot and I reraised my 2 pair against the first player when he bet his worse 2 pair.  The short stacked 'fish' then reraised all-in, first player folded, and I got put in a terrible spot.  I knew he probably had me, but his all-in was less than double my bet and I ended up having to call.  The main problem with the hand was that I was not paying attention to the stack sizes of the opposing players.  It cost me.  He rivered the random 4 outer straight when I rivered A's and 9's.

The tilt cost me a decent amount on another hand.  After raising preflop with TT I get called by a fit or fold woman on button who is rather transparent and bad.  I flop over pair to a low board.  Thanks to my tilt I then proceed to play my hand the exact opposite of optimally against such an opponent.  I got for the check raise, even though I know there is only a small percentage of her range she would ever even consider betting.  She checks.  I let her catch her Q (she has KQs) on the turn.  She then does her fit or fold style and bets out the turn.  I call thinking she might be making a move (not my brain thinking there, but my emotions).  Turn is a blank, she bets standard value sized bet, I call for no logical reason.  Letting tilt and emotions creep into your decision making will cause you to do some crazy things haha.

Had I avoided tilting and continued to play my A-game, I would have ended the session up around $0-$20.  Sad but true.  Not easy to keep your cool after running card dead for 3 hours straight though.

Harrington Casino, DE - Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 5:45pm-10:00pm (4.25h) - Profit $54+1 Luck: 0

Nothing too noteworthy specifically hand wise.  More of a theoretical/philosophical post.

This session I concentrated on keeping calm, patient, focused-with a clear mind.  So I could make good decisions.  The in the moment results are meaningless.  It doesn't matter if I am up or down, or if I have 35 minutes left to play or 3 hours.  IT DOESN'T MATTER.  That is a hard concept to wrap your head around, especially when your sitting there down -$100 so far for the night.  Funny thing though, that was the point I really made the decision that my focus would not be on the results, but on my decisions.  The slight tiltyness I felt coming over me started to fade and interestingly enough things suddenly started going my way again(mostly!). 

Starting Bankroll: $2315
Ending Bankroll: $2370