It has been three sessions played now since I made some major adjustments, and all three sessions have been in the positive.  The second one was still profitable even after removing $125 for the speeding ticket.  I feel like this is a good sign that I am on the right track.  However, I have managed to get a little lucky at the right times lately.

Harrington Casino, DE - Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - 5:45pm-10:45pm (5h) - Profit $229+1 Luck: +1

Ran a bit above average the first hour or so.  Was up $50 rather quickly and sat on that for a while.  Suddenly my luck took a turn for the worse.  Ran card dead for over an hour and a half.  The few hands where I was dealt something good I still lost.  I was thinking to myself, "This is what it is all about, times like these, I need to keep my cool."  I did, I sat there patiently, waiting... for an opportunity. 

I did a really good job of minimizing my losses.  New player raises to $11 UTG, I very cautiously call in MP with AKs.  He bets big on flop and I fold when I missed.  He shows someone his hand and dealer forces him to show all.  I see pocket AA.  I seem to be running into those a lot haha.  Later I make a standard raise with pocket 8's in a straddled pot, get multiple callers.  The small blind bets out on a very low flop, I immidiately put him on a set.  I have not developed much physical tell reading ability, this read is purely chip and player info based.  I fold my overpair 8's.  Turns out he flopped a set of 3's. 

Eventually found myself down $50, rebought another $50 at cashier to stay at $200 stack.  Continued to run card dead.  Finally dealt AA and everyone folds to my preflop MP open raise(6 x BB).  Run card dead a little while longer.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the big one emerges.  I'm in BB, UTG straddles($4), UTG+1 who has been raising somewhat loosely makes it $14, 3 players call, and I look down at AKs hearts.  Perfect spot to take down a pot.  Reraise to $64 I think.  The details are a little fuzzy now... I get 2 callers!  Flop is 635 two hearts.  I have the nut flush draw with AK as overs.  I'm first to act on flop.  I look over to first caller, he is sitting on around $78 stack.  Second caller has me covered.  I decide to bet out, for ~$65.  Can't remember the exact number.  First caller shoves for $78 without much hesitation which I expected.  To my surprise though, the second caller reraises all-in.  He is on semi tilt due to previous hands, but no way I put him on pocket 66 or worse when it cost him over $60 to see the flop.  I call without hesitation for my entire stack.  I flip over my AKs hearts, first caller doesn't show, and the second player that reraised shows top two pair 6's and 5's..........  ........... ?!?!?!?!??! WOW.  Insane.  Turn is K spades, river is A spades, I runner runner a better two pair for the win.   The other guy with $78 says he had pocket queens, but didn't show.  I profit roughly ~$280 in a single hand.  Cash out a couple orbits later with about same stack.

After betting the flop during the big hand, I had to call around $100 to win $300.  My hand vs 6's and 5's was roughly 35% chance to win.  I think I made the right call.  Even if he showed me his crazy hand of top two pairs, I would have decided to call anyways.

Bankroll starting: $2175
Bankroll ending:  $2405

On a side note:  I drove through the .25mi strip of road again where I got my speeding ticket.  As you exit the Delaware State Fairgrounds you turn onto this road.  Immidiately as you take a right onto this road there is a speed limit sign stating 35mph.  Roughly 35-40 feet later(literally), theres another speed limit sign stating 25mph.  There is something seriously messed up about that.  Will be requesting a court date for that one  :-p

On a second side note:  Just received the books Super System 2 and Caro's Book Of Poker Tells in the mail after purchasing them cheap used on Ebay.  I cannot freaken wait to read through these books.  I think Caro's book especially will help me perform even better at live play.  I am already very good at interpreting the language of the poker chips thanks to online play.  If I can learn the language of physical tells I will be twice as dangerous(and hopefully twice as profitable) at the poker tables.