Sigh....  Got some good news and some bad news for this report.  Good news is, my last two sessions were both in the positive!  The bad news, well... will get to that later.  First, a couple of key points.  To combat tilt I went ahead and set aside a bankroll.  I set aside $2000 (10 x buy-ins) for a starting bankroll.  I know this is rather small, but I feel my edge is big enough that it should be just fine.  Maybe more important than my bankroll, I have finally adjusted to playing $1/2 full ring live cash instead of multitabling 6max cash online.  To be general, the key adjustments were playing tighter, raising about double what I am used to with premium hands (5-10 x BB), and occasionally limping or raising small with speculative hands.  Some strategy has stayed the same as playing 2NL/5NL online, such as never making huge bluffs.  OK onto the two sessions:

Harrington Casino, DE - Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 5:30pm-10:15pm(4.75h) - Profits $93+7

Finally adjusted to playing live cash $1/2 NLHE.  Luck ran slightly above average(+1).  I am rating my luck from -3 to +3 representing from extremely bad luck to running super hot.  Ran decent tonight, got dealt pocket tens 3 times, folded preflop to a big 3bet from guy with KK, caught a set the other two times and won medium pots.  Won a few other small-medium pots when I hit the flop well or caught my draw.  Time for round one of the bad news.  I tried going through a cash toll at the Bay Bridge.  Appearently a little yellow blinking light means it was randomly converted to an EZPASS lane.  I didn't realize this until it was too late, should be getting a nice ticket in the mail for $25(+$4 toll).

Harrington Casino, DE - Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 6:20pm-9:20pm(3h) - Profits $62+13

Ran good tonight(+2).  Had to wait an hour before I could play though which totally sucked. 

Get AA UTG early in game, limp, early position villain raises to $20, 1 MP caller, I reraise to $90 total.  Both fold.  I think I reraised $5-$10 too much. 

Flopped the straight after limping on button with 98o.  Short stacked dude in early position limped with TT and flopped middle set.  Flop is 7TJ two hearts.  Checked around to me, I bet normal sized bet, he calls.  Turn is best card ever, 2c.  I bet big, like $20.  He reraises.  Before he gets the chips in I shove, he calls.  I sweat the river and luckily dodge the board pairing or another ten.  Add around $100 to my stack.

New guy sits to my left.  15-20 minutes later he is button, I raise preflop to $11 with QQ.  He hesitates strangely for a moment then flat calls.  One other caller in MP.  Flop is like T73 or something.  MP checks, I bet $25, new guy on button reraises all-in for another $50 on top, MP folds.  I don't have much of a read on this guy, but I know he isn't as big of a 'fish' as most players I run into.  I feel his play was strange and basically range him on top pair A kicker at worst, JJ or KK at best.  I call $50.  He flips over AA... wow.  Considering his stack size I think he played it well actually.  Turn comes, it is a Q!!!!  River is a blank, I pull down a ~$180 pot.

I find myself up about $190 at this point.  Table is basically short at this point and breaks up, 3 people head to the two remaining tables.  I decide to end my session early and cash out up $187 for the night.  Great.  OK now for the second round of bad news.  As I was driving out of Harrington, DE, there is a .3mi stretch of road that is 25mph speed limit.  It is dark out and I am mulling over recent poker hands in my head.  I see a cop car chillen in the darkness and think oh great... Turns out I was going 45mph in that small stretch of road that is 25mph.  Quick $125 speeding ticket, first I have ever received in my life.  Yay.  Since I'm a Maryland resident I'm sure the officer knew I was not speeding on purpose, but he didn't care.  Whatever.  I was friendly and courteous to him, there was nothing I could do anyways.

Pulling the $125 out of my poker bankroll so instead of being up $187 for the night I am only up $62.  I think I am still down around $140 overall since I started playing live.  Been a rocky start, but just a matter of time until I start showing a profit.  I have racked up around $130 in travel expenses as well (gas+tolls).  I plan to pay these off with my poker bankroll, but waiting until I build it up some so I'm not stuck sitting on 10 buy-ins. 

Also on a side note, the +money added to my profits is some extra money I gave the cashier when cashing out so I could get all large bills.  I plan on withdrawing this money from my bankroll at a later date.

:roll:  kind of week :roll: