Harrington Casino, DE - Sunday, January 22, 2012 - 3:30pm-9:30am (6h) - Profit -$333

Well, I have been playing on no bankroll basically this entire time.  I was basically gambling that I would have a couple winning sessions that would build atleast a small bankroll to buffer any bad luck streaks.  Odds are I will show a profit at any given session, in my opinion.  So I think it was a good gamble.  Problem is, I've been running bad the entire time.  Basically had two lucky hands, one big and one medium, and the rest has been one long streak of below average luck.

Today/tonight my luck took a dive for the worse.  Like I said I was already running bad, but this time I ran REALLY bad.  Got sucked out on at the river 3 times tonight.  Two were medium pots and one was a little over $100 when I reraised a short stack all-in on the turn with two pair A3 vs his one pair AQ, river conterfeits me.  Last hand of the night I get dealt KK, bet early position $8, get 3 callers.  Flop is 66Q.  I bet flop standard amount get 2 callers.  Turn is a 6, I bet big, one guy folds the SB reraises all-in.  You can see on his face he is comfortable.  I know he doesn't have AA, so basically the only thing he can have is the 6 for quads.  I'm so tilted from the 3 river suckouts from earlier(leaving me down $163), that I call.  I knew he had the 6, as it was the only logical hand, but I didn't care because I was tilted.  Really, really sad.  I straight up threw away an extra $140 tonight because I was tilted and pissed off even more knowing that my KK ran into quads(A6o). 

$1/2 live cash games with 9-10 people, as it turns out, requires the EXACT OPPOSITE strategy as 6max cash online does.  Combine that with the lack of a bankroll and playing live has been rather tough for me.  I am getting tilted too easily.  I think setting aside $2000+ for an actual bankroll would help a lot with the tilt, but I'm not really interested in doing that at the moment.

Not sure if I want to continue playing live.  The players are really bad and I know for a fact I will profit in the long run.  Don't think I have the patience for it though.  Will let the tilt wear off and reconsider if playing live is something I really need/want to do.

Nothing has made me miss online poker than playing live....