Hope to play some $1/2 every week at Harringtons so going to summary it all up in one blog post for each week.  Played live three times now(Delaware park 1x, Harringtons ) and am finding it very interesting.  The competition is as bad as expected... which is great!  Even with the 10%-$5max rake+$1BBJ and the $20 in travel expenses every night I play, I still expect to show a profit in the long run.  Not going to get rich or anything, but should be able to gain a lot of live experience and make a little money in the process.  Now for a quick summary of tonights session.

Harrington Casino, DE - Friday, January 21, 2012 - 6:15pm-10:45pm(4.5h) - Profits -$10

Was expecting there to be a lot more people in the poker room for a Friday night.  There was 2 tables running when I showed up, with three tables eventually up around 9:00pm.  I was seated at a table full of middle aged white men that all looked as though they might not be the weak-passive types.  I noticed the other table was a mixed bag of older gentlemen, an older woman, two middle aged but friendly looking men, and one of the old black men that I classified as a fish on Wednesday.  I immidiately requested a seat change to the other table so I would get first dibs on a seat when it opened up.  While waiting to change tables I was dealt AQo and the aggressive older asian man from Wednesday raised preflop on a short stack.  I reraised him all-in and he called with K8o for some reason lol.  We both miss the board and my A high takes down the medium pot.  Change tables, everybody at the new table is about as bad as I expected.  Good choice.  I proceed to run really bad for the night with the exception of one very lucky hand. 

I have my ATs run into another ATs and the river gives her a flush and me a straight(!?!?!?!).  Lose a medium pot and get a little tilted. 

Short stacked very aggressive guy open shoves for $35.  I call knowing my AQo is ahead of his range and I don't expect anyone behind me to get involved except with hands that crush me.  Small blind calls too with 45s for some crazy unkown reason.  Flop hits 23T.  I put SB on a medium to low pocket pair.  He checks and I check.  Turn is a 6d giving me a Q high flush draw.  SB shoves his remaining small stack for $40 more.  I decide I have to call with two overs and a flush draw vs his perceived range in a big pot.  I miss the flush draw and lose.  I get even more tilted off this hand, but I try my best to chill out. 

Next I get dealt KK and the same short stack that was SB in the hand above reraises my opening raise($10) all in to ~$50 total.  I reraise all-in, based on his stack and his recent play at the table his range is definitely wider than AA only.  My reraise gets a big stack in between us to fold whatever he had and wanted to play.  Short stack guy turns of AA and I hit a two outer(K) on the river for the win.  Really sick, I couldn't believe it.  Guy rebuys $100 and hates me after that haha.  I dodged bullets.  Fast forwarding to last hand of the night - I have 20 minutes left to play before I need to head home.  I get dealt KK again.  Early position(UTG+1) open raises big to $12.  His stack is ~$180 and my stack is ~$325.  I 3bet big as hell to $45 total.  Same guy I stacked earlier with my KK goes all in from button with ~$70.  I think hell yeah that is cool.  UTG+1 guy instantly and confidently re-raises all-in.  Under most circumstances I would not consider folding KK but considering his position, my big reraise, the small stacks all-in reraise, and the quickness and confidence of his all-in, I put him on exactly AA and fold my KK!  He flips over AA and small stack flips over 66.  I then go ahead and flip over my folded KK.  Good laydown. 

I dodged bullets twice tonight baby!  I think to myself, I need to get going soon and I just had KK run into AA twice tonight, on top of all the other mostly bad luck tonight.  Call it quits.  Down only $10 for the night plus another $20 for travel expenses.  So far after my three live poker sessions I am up $40 at the poker tables or down $30 if you count all travel expenses.  Not too bad if you ask me.  I have been running rather bad so far. 

Left with a smile on my face being only $10 down after such a crazy night.  While frustrating, it was a very interesting experience and I am so happy to be playing real money poker again.