Delaware Park, DE - Friday, December 2, 2011 - 9:30pm-12:30am (4h) - Profit -$300

My first time ever playing live in a casino.  Tons of tables running.  Upon arrival at the room I am immidiately brought over to an empty seat.  It turns out this seat is the worst placement ever.  Guy two seats to my right is running super hot, plus straddling my BB every other hand.  Guy two seats to my left is very aggressive.... bad.  10 people at the table.  I am so used to multitable 6max I am having a hard time adapting.  Run really bad all night.  Make a couple mistakes that result in some extra money lost, but nothing big.  Mistakes were due to inability to adapt quick enough, maybe tilted a little from the run bad and 1.4h drive to DE.  Failed to change to a better seat or table when the opportunity came up half way through the session.  Lessons learned though.  The very last hand of the night, UTG with ~$50, I say to myself this is it taking this last bit of money and leaving unless I get dealt something great....  I look down and see TT, second best hand of the night.  You got to be kidding me lady luck.  I say !@#$% it and open shove.  Folded to Button who has AKs and insta calls.  Great flop, blank turn, K smacks the river and I leave empty handed.  Down $300.  GG.

Harrington Casino, DE - Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 6:00pm-11:pm(4h) - Profits $350

I arrived at the room at 6pm.  It was a long narrow, dimly lit room.  Only two tables running the entire time I was there, both 1/2.  I think to myself, damnit is this going to only be regulars that are grinding it out?  So I sit down and quickly realize that to my surprise the entire table is a bunch of bad players.  Only one player, a white guy around late 20's early 30's was a decent player.  I basically decided to try and not play against him too much.  There was a couple old black men who were across the table from me that I would classify as pure fish.  I was definitely trying to get involved in hands with them anytime I could.  Half way through the night an older asian man sat to my right that was rather loose aggressive, but in the bad exploitable kind of way.  These three gentlemen were my main source of profits for the night.  I wasn't dealt hardly anything good all night, AK three times, pocket 8's once.  That was it haha.  Pretty much ended even for the night, except for one big hand!  I raised in the BB with AK to $15 after 4 limps.  Get 3 callers no surprise there.  Flop comes JQ6 rainbow.  I check, everyone checks, even the old black gentlemen in middle position with KQ!  Turn is a T giving me the nuts and adding a spade draw.  Short stack goes all-in for around $50, I reraise to $100, guy with KQ in MP calls!  River is a blank I shove and he ends up calling that too for around another $125.  The numbers might be off a little going from memory, but the final pot ended up being around $550 with a net gain of around $350 for my stack.  Really sick.  Biggest pot I have ever won.  I literally had to get up from the table afterwards and walk off the adrenaline.  Harrington is only an hour ten minutes from my house I may be back again.  Weekends would be better though.  Up $350 for the night.