Was playing a no limit holdem tournament at my local bar last night.  Free to play league with about 30-40 people a night at this particular bar.  I had the craziest good run of my life.  On top of that I had the most insane and awesome hand I have ever won as well.

So think about this.  It was a live tournament that lasted about 2 hours.  In that time I was dealt KK three times and AA twice!  Won a lot of  chips with all of those hands except first KK which I had to quickly muck on A high flop for a small loss.  As crazy as that is, that isn't even the insane part...

Around the end of early stage, there are 3 limpers preflop, SB calls, I'm in BB and I check with 45o.  The flop hits A32.  ---- I think to myself, "BINGO!" 

But wait, it gets soooooo much better....

Seriously, wait for it a minute.

It is going to blow your mind you need to prepare yourself.


OK.  On to the fun part.  UTG bets standard bet, middle position raises,button goes all-in, SB folds, I reraise all-in for more in the BB,  UTG calls all-in, middle position calls all-in.  We have a 4 way all-in. 

What could everybody have?!??!?!  UTG flips over a set of 3's.  Middle position flips over a set of A's(nice limp preflop lol), button flips over A's and 3's, then I flip over the nuts.  Turn and river are a 6 and a 7 rainbow so I take it all down!!!
[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_Xdi4T8mgI"]

Man it was a fun night of poker.  I made sure to enjoy myself during that good run as I realize I may never run that good again.  Of course I won 1st out of 32 that night as I continued to just win 3/4 hands I was involved in.