It took a couple of months for the sting of Black Friday to ease off my soul, but the fire inside my heart for poker is burning again.  After doing some research into my options this past week, there seems to be only two.  I can either play live over an hours drive away through a toll bridge in Delaware, or I can move somewhere overseas for 6months+.  I don't really have any live experience, so I expect that to go rather rough at first if I were to try that.  On the other hand, I know for 100% fact that I could average around a $2/hour profit minimum on Pokerstars cash tables.  That certainly isn't much, but if I were to spend 6 months in a place like Vietnam with living expenses around $400/month, I could at the very least cover my 6 months of rent and food by simply grinding on Pokerstars every day.  The idea is I first would save up the money to cover the flight there and back, 6 months living expenses, Visa and various other fees, and some startup bankroll money for Pokerstars.  Then grind 4-5 hours at a time, twice a day, atleast 6 days a week.  With free time, eat good food, explore, and have fun!  The ultimate goal of the trip would be to achieve atleast semi-professional poker play status by the end of the 6 months.  What I mean by that is reach the point where I could make atleast a very modest living off of online poker.

I'm still not totally sure what the legality of playing online poker in Vietnam is.  In Thailand, it is definitely illegal, but appearently still relatively easy and safe to do as long as you don't run around telling everybody.  Still researching the legal stuff though, as it is very important to understand before making any decisions.