Two nights ago had my best session at 5NL to date.  Was up over 5 buy-ins in under 2 hours.  Then, last night guess what... disaster.  Had a losing session that ties for the worst session at 5NL to date at a loss of just under 4 buy-ins after 4 hours.  My KK lost to QQ when we went all-in on the flop and he hit his 2 outer on the turn.  My AKs ran into AA on the button.  My flopped set of 4's run into flopped set of K's.  Oh yeah, and my KK ran into AA as well!  Things did not really get better from there.

I'm not sure what the problem is.  Some days I could c-bet every flop, and 4/5 times I will win it right there.  Then other days like last night, 4/5 c-bets will either get called or raised, for 4 hours straight.  That is literaly what happened last night, I am not exagerating.  And some nights when I don't c-bet the flop, the caller will check behind me if they miss sometimes.  Last night, NOBODY EVER, and I mean EVER checked behind me, the entire night.  If I c-bet air they would call or raise 4/5 times.  If I checked they would bet every single time.  My AK missed 4/5 times, again, not exagerating.  If I tried betting when I missed I would get called down by an underpair.  If I tried checking it down I would miss A or K the entire board. 

I'm am really disturbed by the fact that some nights people will give me proper respect at the tables, but other nights they will give my raises zero respect, bet every time I check, and seemingly assume that my c-bet on the flop always means nothing, except for the time I actually hit my set.  Then they clam up immidiately, even if I check to them!!!  This is the same night that every single time I check out of position on the flop they bet!  But the 1/8 times I hit my small set they don't!  They check and fold to my turn bet.  It happend 3 or 4 times last night exactly like that.  Yet every single time I missed my set they bet out, and bet strong on the flop and the turn.

My luck has been unimaginably bad at 5NL over the last 20,000 hands.  It is really lame.  I think once I figure out while some days make perfect sense and other days everything goes wrong, maybe I will be able to prevent it from happening as badly.

After much thought about these horrific sessions, I think I know what I need to do.  I need to play tighter at the beginning of the session for one.  Also, when I am running bad and missing every flop I need to tighten up preflop as well.  I think what is happening is, I play fairly loose agressive preflop.  This works out well if my luck is running at normal levels or is above average.  When my luck runs bad however, my table image gets destroyed at the table.  It is like they can sense I am running bad and I am loose so they call me down with anything, and they win most of the time because I'm running bad!!!!

I will try making these adjustments next session.  I think I need to just go with the flow and not fight it so much.  Trying to plow throw a run of bad luck just gets me burned badly.  I need to be willing to adjust to the flow of the game.  Of course, that won't help any when my KK loses to AA and QQ for stacks!!!

/end rant

"Believe in what you do, do it well, and do it hard." - Randy Lew

I do believe in what I am doing and I will keep doing it!  Lady Luck be damned!