I played AKo kind of wierd this hand.  I usually 3-bet from the SB with it, but the original raiser seemed a little bit on tilt.  He recently made big river bluffs on two previous hands that I called down and won.  I think that was a big reason why I decided so slowplay my AK and let him make more mistakes.  Funny thing was, as it turns out, my wierd play saved me a lot of chips!  I think this hand is the only time I have ever used the time bank, even after 20,000 hands at 5NL.  The BB insta-bet the flop very hard, I really had to put him on AA, KK, or TT.  I sat there and thought about it for a solid 40 seconds probably, then layed down my top two pair.  I didn't have much of a read on him from previous hands, except that he didn't seem to be loose.  I was certain I had the tilted original raiser beat, but of course that is a moot point when I think I am crushed by the SB.