The month of March has been very interesting for me.  After doubling my bankroll in February I hit the cash tables this month.  I quickly turned my $40 bankroll into over $100 at the 2NL tables in about 2 weeks.  At about that point I started hitting up some 5NL tables.  First one out of the eight tables at a time, then three, then finally all nine.  I have had some good sessions at 5NL, a couple terrible sessions, and many mediocre sessions.  I achieved Silver Star over a week ago which was fantastic!  It happened during my worst 5NL session so it didn't feel as great as expected.  Since then, my bankroll has been kind of stuck.  High variance is a side effect of my style (and multi-tabling), and lately I have been on the bad end of variance at the 5NL tables.  Also, when I give 2NL a go anytime during the last week, I have been twelve tabling instead of nine.  My edge is diminished greatly when I do this for two reasons.  I am not used to it and it is hard for me to pay attention to players as well, and the tables overlap on my screen which makes it even more difficult to function normally.  I may need to stick with nine tables max until I can either get a bigger monitor or a second one...

I wasted $11 cash on the Sunday Storm (1mil+ prizepool).  That wiped out a decent sized chuck of my bankroll.  I would never have spent that much, but the special 1 million prize pool was too much to pass up!  I have no plans to waste any more cash on tournaments for the near future.  I will need to use FPP for them or simply stick the the cash tables.

Anyways, I have high hopes for April.  My current goal is to grow my bankroll to $250 so I can take a stab at the 10NL tables!  Secondary goal is to maintain Silver Star status.

I'll leave you guys with this - The most important skill to learn when playing no limit cash games is to know when to fold!!!