Playing the $.11 NAPL Rookie league tonight.  Early into the tournament.  Had my KK run into AA preflop all-in, but luckily won the side pot and kept me in for 800 chips.  Do my thing, sitting on around 2000 chips  with 60/120 blinds.  1 limper and rest fold to me on the button.  I raise 3xBB with JJ.  Small blind reraises on me,  I put in the rest of my chips.  Flop comes rag rag J!!!  He has pocket KK so things looking great.  Turn........ K!  Hit's his 2 outer on the turn.  I'm knocked out, once again, by a real nasty bad beat.

In the PSO freeroll tonight my AQo was knocked out my Q9s.  Got to love it!  Happy to report I got knocked out in 35th place so it was my first cash finish!  :mrgreen: