So..... just got 287th in PSO freeroll.  Short stacked, around 5xBB left.  I'm in big blind, its folded to small blind who limps.  I raise BB with AA, as I really want to get all the chips in.  Flop is K47 rainbow.  The guy in small blind randomly decides to bet into me with A6s.  I reraise the rest of my chips (not much more).  I am overjoyed to see his hand.  He catches runner runner clubs for the win.  So... I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE PSO FREEROLL I've played I've been knocked out after someone made a bad play and sucked out on my dominating hand.  Really, really getting old!

On a funny side note, the previous hand someone else had AA cracked by Q10 after all-in preflop.
:-x :-x :-x