Online poker stats for February:
BR on 1st Feb:    $62.51
BR on 26th Feb:  $60.36   

LOSS = $2.15  (37 hours)

hourly profit rate = minus 6c per hour


2015 TO DATE  (318 tourneys) :

In     $36.03
Out:  $51.39

ROI:  43%


After the profitable ending to January, sending my BR up to $62,  February has proved to be a frustrating one;  having seen the BR rise initially to $64, the rest of the month saw what can best be described as a very gentle downswing back to $60.

Plenty of cashes amongst the MTTs and SNGs, but no big ones, the largest being $1.64 in the $750 Gtd (72nd / 4387).

A new regular was added this month; the Full Tilt $0.25 On Demand . . . a hybrid between a SNG and an MTT.   There have been a few cashes in those as well.   I've found them to be a good bridge between the $0.10 SNG-360s and the (currently unaffordable)  $0.50 SNG-45s/90s/180s/360s.

So to reiterate, it's been a frustrating month, but nothing like the far greater downswings I was experiencing last year when the BR management was somewhat looser.


Next month will be kicking off with three All-in Shootouts on 2nd March.  A small stroke of luck in any one of those would be nice, but realistically, it's a case of grinding on with the $0.10 SNGs, $0.11 / $0.27 MTTs and the $0.25 On Demands . . . plus a smattering of satellites to the bigger stuff.