Online poker stats for January:

BR on 1st Jan:    $45.00
BR on 26th Jan: $62.51

PROFIT = $17.51  (39 hours)
hourly profit rate = 44c per hour


2015 TO DATE  (167 tourneys)

In:    $14.46

Out: $31.97

ROI:  121%


A steady diet of mainly $0.11 MTTs and $0.10 SNG-360s, together with several All-in Shootouts (courtesy of the daily January Challenges).

Up until 18th Jan, my BR was barely wavering from its starting point until a small $4.69 cash on Day 2 of FullTilt's "Big Little Tournament" saw the BR hop to almost $49.   Bear in mind, of course, that I qualified from a $0.22 satellite for this, as the $2.20 buy-in was off limits!

A day or so later (and thereafter) my ITM% in the $0.10 SNG-360s increased markedly, with two final tables and then an outright win (for $6.80) on 25th Jan.

That SNG win has put the BR up to $62, its highest for five months.

I had considered adding the $0.25 SNG-45s, but these are not turbos (unlike the $0.10 SNG-360s) and hence take almost twice as long (almost three hours) to complete (with 10-minute levels).

So the $0.10 SNGs are still on the menu . . . but newly added (to go with the $0.11 MTTs) are the $0.27 MTTs.


And as February beckons, there are reasons to be hopeful that the upward trend will continue.