Online poker stats for December

BR on 1st Dec:    $39.45
BR on 30th Dec: $45.00

PROFIT = $5.55  (11 hours)

hourly profit rate = 50c per hour




Online poker stats for 2014

BR on 1st Jan:    $38.00
BR on 30th Dec: $45.00

PROFIT = $7.00  (447 hours)

hourly profit rate = approx 1.5c per hour


Buy-ins:  $359 

Winnings: $366

ROI:  2 %



Very little poker for me in December, as house decoration took immediate precedent for three weeks.

Thankfully, two 3rd spots in the $0.10 SNG-360s has helped give the BR an end-of-year boost.

Folowing on from 2012 ($2 profit) and 2013 ($14 profit), I've now gone three years in a row showing profit.  Oh, alright then, peppercorn profit in each case!

But the small jump overall in the BR from $38 to $45 only tells half the story.  It was as low as <$1 and as high as $76 during the year due to (respectively) reckless BRM and a very deep cash in an MTT I had satellited into.

During the enforced three-week break (whilst decorating)  I have decided from now on to concentrate on only playing the poker genre I am most comfortable with . . . namely NLH MTTs and SNGs.  As I said in my previous blog, I've been predominantly a tournament animal since I started in 2005.   I've never fully embraced cash games, which require radically different strategies to tourneys.

Perhaps if and when my BR grows to a far bigger amount, I may reconsider my options.

But as 2015 beckons, and with a watertight 200 buy-in BRM rule right across the field sizes, I remain quietly confident that I'll make another profit next year, albeit a much more meaningful one, rather than one that just about pays for a fish supper!

Good luck at the tables to everyone on PSO for 2015!