Online poker stats for November:

BR on 1st Nov:   $51.16
BR on 28th Nov: $39.45

LOSS = $11.71  (43 hours)

hourly profit rate = minus 27c per hour


The MicroMillions satellites dominated the first half of November, with very limited success.

By 20th Nov the BR had fallen to $44 (with, as a consequence, the 22c tourneys on the verge of being dumped due to strict BRM).

Then I read some advice given by Swedish pro Sofia Lövgren about BR building . . . "build a bankroll playing cash games [as well as tournaments].  There's less variance and it's easier to make a steady profit".  

Very logical in theory, a totally different story in practice . . . one week (and five cash sessions later) the BR is in even worse shape than ever . . . $39 going into December and just $1 in profit for the whole of 2014.

Now, I'll put my hands up and conclude that my cash game currently sucks. Winning a huge pot with AA or KK and leaving a table immediately afterwards will only take you so far, as I have discovered.   If I'm failing to cut it on 1c/2c tables, then something is very wrong indeed.

Over my nine years as an online player, I've been almost exclusively a tournament animal.  And after this rude awakening, that's how it'll stay until the BR reaches $80 and I'll be able to fulfil my 100 buy-in rule for cash games and pony up 80c to sit at a table.

A frugal diet of 11c MTTs, 10c SNGs and freerolls await me in December.

Something has to click eventually.