Online poker stats for October :


BR on 1st Oct:  $56.06

BR on 31st Oct: $51.16

LOSS = $4.90  (30 hours)
hourly profit rate = minus 16c per hour



A month which saw me successfully qualify for a handful of bigger MTTs on PokerStars and FullTilt :

12th Oct:  Sunday VIP Two Grand 

13th Oct:  MTOPS event 3  (4-max)

14th Oct:  MTOPS event 9

24th Oct:  The Big $3.30  (actually I'd qualified for MicroMillions event 5, but transferred my T$ to this equivalent buy-in!)


Sadly, I was well short of the money in all four MTTs.   In the case of the Big $3.30, I even posted in the PSO forum about the hand I bust on (see Basic Poker Hand Discussions).   Thanks to JWK24 for his helpful reply.

The month's biggest cash (if you can even call it big!) was the $2 win on a Spin & Go, courtesy of a ticket won via the 'Spin & Go For Free' freerolls which ran recently.

So, as the BR continues a gentle slide towards the $50 mark, I still await the next 'spike' upwards.

My 200 buy-in rule has at least minimised the BR drop this month to just 10%, but it's clear that there is still much work to be done to improve some areas of my game.


Meanwhile, for the coming month of November, MicroMillions qualifications are up for grabs, together with (hopefully) some luck-inducing freerolls and All-In shootouts.