Online poker stats for September :

Sep 1st   :  BR = $57.18
Sep 30th :  BR = $56.06
LOSS = $1.12
time = 23 hours
hourly profit rate = minus 5c per hour





The first half of the month was poker downtime for me . . . as my wife and I were away on our honeymoon in France for a week . . . and then playing catch-up with other odds and sods when we returned.

The only poker-related point of note during that time was spotting the Aviation Club along the Champs-Elysées in Paris during our tour bus jaunt.   Had I jumped off the bus and tried to enter the club, my wife would not be best pleased.   In any case, (1) their dress code is strict and I wouldn't have got past the front entrance in the clothes I was in and (2) I don't think my micro-bankroll would've got me far!


Normal service resumed on the virtual felt on the 16th, with the tight 200 buy-in rule (as mentioned in my previous post) ruling the roost.   

No big cashes at all to report, just a flurry of far smaller ones (max $1.26) in the $0.10 SNGs and the $0.11 and $0.27 MTTs on Stars.  Also came very close to qualifying in a $0.22 satellite (to The Walrus) on Full Tilt, netting $1.39 as consolation.

Obviously succeeding in a satellite is the prime goal.   Meanwhile, even though quite a deep finish in those MTTs doesn't beef up my bankroll much at all, it's proving to be a great training ground for experimenting with my short-stacked shove-or-fold tactics at very little cost.

One other noteworthy result this past month was actually making it to the final 72 in a 9000-man Hubble's Freeroll.   The ensuing Weekly Round 2 (last Sunday) plunged me into the unfamiliar surroundings of Pot-Limit Hold 'em and Pot-Limit Omaha (alternating each level).   With long 15-minute levels, I could afford to be very patient, and indeed racked up a small cash of $0.42 before some PLO naivety kicked in . . . I'd connected to the board with trip Queens, shoved, but the calling villain held a straight which made me busto.   With anything less than a straight being on shaky ground in PLO, I perhaps should've known better, particularly as the board was murmuring "possible straight" at me!


So, the well-balanced mix of MTTs, SNGs and satellites appear to at least be keeping me in the break-even bracket for now.

Meantime, it's back to the various forums and videos (both here on Poker School Online and elsewhere) to pick up some useful hints and tips for that all-important edge in the coming month.