Online poker stats for August:




Aug 1st   :  bankroll = $18.82
Aug 31st  : bankroll = $57.18
PROFIT = $38.36
time = 57 hours

hourly profit rate = 67c per hour

The one stand-out result from the month was my $62 win (8th out of 503) in Full Tilt's "Five by Five" which I had satellited into for just $0.22 on Aug 10th.

It propelled my BR up to $76 and opened up a bunch of SNGs and MTTs that I was hitherto unable to afford under my 100 buy-in BRM rule.

However, just five days later, with only a handful of mostly min-cashes to show, the BR had already slid down to $62 . . . almost a 20% drop.

I thought to myself "WHOOOOAAAA !!!".    Having seen my BR swiftly head south before (after similar spikes), I was damned if I was going to let this happen all over again.

Reluctantly I decided it was time to crank up the "nitty factor" . . .  and implement a 200 buy-in rule. So, out went the $0.50 SNGs, $0.55 MTTs and suchlike . . . and back came the $0.10 SNGs and $0.22 satellites . . . plus some 0.27 MTTs.

The only occasions where the BRM rule was flouted was when I had to complete the Poker Stars Daily Summer Challenges ($1.50 HU and Fifty50 SNGs, a few ZOOM 1c/2c cash hands and a solitary $0.50 SNG-45).   These were few and far between.

It hasn't stopped a disappointing run of results, but the BR decline has slowed dramatically . . . down to $57 (when it could so easily have plunged to around $40 or less).


One by-product of this uber-tight BRM is that my BR is now pretty much bomb-proof, which means that the "scared money" syndrome is all but dead and buried and I have been able to experiment with a few more aggressive short-stacked shoves, utilising loads of fold equity . . . and have been surprised at how many have paid off.


I'd love to be able to report (in a month's time) that the BR has risen to over $100 . . . but patience, as they say, is a virtue.     And as many of us have found, you really need a LOT of patience playing poker!