With the BR sliding from $18 to $14 since the start of August, whilst playing a mixture of freerolls, $0.10 SNGs and $0.22 satellites, I decided to tighten the belt even more and impose a strict blanket "100 buy-in" rule as from Mon 11 Aug.



On the evening of Sun 10 Aug, I decided to give the $0.22 satellites (on Full Tilt) one last try before that "avenue of pleasure" looked odds-on to be closed off until my BR hit $22 again.

The Unicorn and BLT satellites came and went, busting well short of qualifying . . . so the last-chance saloon turned up in the shape of the Five-by-Five satellite shortly after.

Also bear in mind that any re-buys or add-on was out of the question (because of my BR).

After a steady climb towards the final table, and some very well-timed shoves, I squeezed into the three seats to advance to the $5.50 Five-by-Five proper . . . without any rebuys or add-on!

However, as that tourney had already been going for at least an hour, Full Tilt actually credited me with $5.50 T-dollars, and gave me the option to either keep that $5.50 in my balance, or do a late registration.   Whilst I could've chickened out there and then, I decided to buy in, knowing full well that my starting stack was quite a bit short of the average stack at that point.

Now, as has been said many, many times by the pros . . . in an MTT you go for the win rather than nudging a min-cash after the bubble.   This probably carries more credence if you're buying directly in to an MTT, but by satelliting in, even the min-cash of $7.54 looked good . . . and would bump up the BR by about 50%.

As the bubble approached, I had enough chips to virtually guarantee a cash.   As the bubble burst with 54 remaining, I was around 38th and thought at that point that a cash of around $10 or $11 would be a decent result.

Somehow, my subsequent shoves led to either a double-up or multiple-folds, and amazingly I reached the final table.

The end came with 8 remaining, when, as the shortest stack (roughly 10 BB)  I got it in with AQ, and was called by one of the biggies with 88.    The snowmen held up and I was out in 8th, but had no regrets about the shove.

Then I looked at my cash . . . over $62 . . . which had catapulted my BR to $76, its highest for almost three years.


If I'd won the whole thing and bagged $628, I would doubtless be dancing around the living room and waking up my wife (it was gone 3am by now).

But I am happy enough to have given my BR a new lease of life and with it, a wider choice of MTTs and satellites to now choose from (up to a buy-in of $0.76) with that $76.