Online poker stats for July :

July 1st   :  bankroll = $40.16
July 31st  : bankroll = $18.82
LOSS = $21.34
time = 43 hours
hourly profit rate = (just under) minus 50c per hour



Having taken a break from poker for almost all of June . . . in the days leading up to my wedding on the 28th . . . I returned to the virtual felt, a week later, on July 5th.


Less than two weeks later, a diet mainly consisting of $0.50 SNG-45s (on Poker Stars) and $1 Jackpot SNGs (on Full Tilt) had not been kind to the BR . . . cut almost in half at $23.

From July 17th, I ditched the SNGs in favour of several freerolls and MTTs (mainly satellites) with a buy-in of up to $0.50.

By July 29th, the BR had fallen even further . . . to $17.

Since the 29th, I've had to go for damage limitation and cap the maximum buy-in to $0.22 . . . and brought back the SNGs into the sessions . . . albeit the $0.10 SNG-360s.   And as a result the BR has ever so slightly climbed back up again . . . to $18.



The conclusion from all this?    Well, it's painfully obvious.   Much as though it's sorely tempting to launch into SNGs / MTTs where a BR covers barely 40 buy-ins . . . DON'T DO IT !!!   THERE IS NO QUICK FIX TO BUILDING A BANKROLL !!!

The past four weeks has rammed home the importance of BR management, even at the most microscopic of levels!

Playing $0.22 MTTs with a BR of $18 is a luxury that bends my "100 buy-in rule" a little, but I'll see how things go in the coming month.