Online poker stats for May 1st - June 2nd :

May 1st   :  bankroll = $20.68
June 2nd : bankroll = $40.16
profit = $19.48
time = 52 hours
hourly profit rate = 37c per hour


The stats above only tell half of the story (if that) !

By the middle of May, my BR had dwindled down to just $15.   Under the BRM rules in place then, I was faced with an arduous task of grinding simply the $0.10 SNG-360s (or any MTT or satellite with a buy-in max of $0.15).

SNG-360s, as most of us know, are difficult beasts to overcome . . . min-cashes here and there and very very few instances of final tables.

I also played in a $0.11 MTT-turbo and after a couple of hours or so, I busted in a very respectable 37th out of 1807.  My reward for such a lofty position?  A meagre $0.32.

Enough was enough.   

At this point, I vowed not to buy straight in to any lengthy MTTs, but instead satellite my way into bigger MTTs.  At least that way, if I did make the money, it would be a lot more worthwhile.

I then looked back over my cashes so far this year (courtesy of my trusty spreadsheet) and discovered that almost all of my cashes over $1 had come from the SNG-45s (either $0.25 or $0.50 buy-ins).

At this point, I decided to take a decidedly high risk indeed.   Aside from the MTT satellites, grind solely on the $0.50 SNG-45s, knowing full well that my BR could end up quickly dying a complete death, but also knowing that a favourable variance could see the upswing that had deserted me for months.

Unfortunately, a week later, my BR was under $1 and on a life-support machine.   Surprisingly,  I actually felt a lot calmer about this than during the lengthy downswing from $56 to $15 beforehand.   OK, no problem, I thought, I'll just have to stick to the freerolls for now.

Meanwhile, though, over on FullTilt, with just a sole $0.10 buy-in, I'd won through a Flipout satellite into a $5.50 MTOPS Event . . . survived to Day 2 . . . and on June 1st, busted out in a lofty 270th out of 18,999 to the tune of almost $40 !     The BR recovery was on !!!

Not so lucky the next day with another MTOPS Event I'd also satellited into, but no matter.  The BR was back up to $40 . . . AND my profit for the year (albeit a tiny $2.16) had been restored.


This seemed a very appropriate time to take a month-long break from the virtual felt.   The main reason?   I am getting married on June 28th and, with preparations growing ever more hectic and intense, it seemed downright stupid, during this period, to sit on my backside either whooping with a miracle 1-outer on the river or cursing an awful bad beat.


Come July, I'll be ready to roll again.    Whilst the BR is under $50, I intend to continue playing the $0.50 SNG-45s and also any MTT satellites with a maximum buy-in of $0.50.    Hopefully, if the BR goes above $50, then the 100 buy-in rule will come into play as it had been prior to mid-May.


Right now, I have a far more important occasion to savour to the full . . . see you next month!