April 2014 online poker stats :


April 1st   : bankroll = $32.60
April 30th : bankroll = $20.68

loss = $11.92
time = 63 hours

hourly loss rate = 19c loss per hour



Another frustrating month dominated by a downswing.

April ended with the BR at its lowest ebb for 2014 to date.

A diet of $0.10 SNGs was interdispersed with micro satellites and MTTs, plus several Privilege Freerolls courtesy of a 31-day ticket that PokerStars sent to me for my birthday on April 5th.

With the BR spiralling ever downwards, something clearly wasn't right.   Routine bad beats obviously weren't helping, but my poker needed a few urgent tweaks (bad beats or not).

So it's back to the fundamental ABC approach, which is advocated time and again on the uber-micro tables.   And a tighter image, too, without being super-nitty.  

Also, the 10-tabling has been reduced to a more manageable 6 to 8-tabling.

More emphasis on the SNGs for now, with the 100 buy-in rule applying to "average buy-in" rather than "maximum buy-in", so the occasional $0.50 SNG-180 can be thrown into the mix, instead of a long arduous task of grinding solely $0.10 SNG-360s until a $50 BR is reached.

The MTTs and satellites are now relegated to just one or two evenings a week.


The target of $380 BR by the end of 2014 is looking ever more remote, but a big score or two would change all that.   Let's see what these latest tweaks bring for this coming month.