Mar 2014 online poker stats :

Mar 1st   : bankroll = $42.91
Mar 31st : bankroll = $32.60

loss = $10.31
time = 49 hours

hourly loss rate = 21c loss per hour


The month started very well, with strong cashes in the $0.50 SNG-45s, and by March 10th the BR had reached $56 . . . an increase of $14 on the month thus far.

But then the roof caved in and, in the space of just ten days, an appalling cashless streak saw the BR tumble to $32 by March 20th.

The past week or so has seen things stabilise a lot more, but, whilst sifting through the debris from the downswing wreckage, I decided to rummage around for a spanner in the BR toolbox and tighten the requirements still further.

At the end of last month, I was contemplating following the BRM recommended by Jennifear on PocketFives.  I decided against it, because I felt that 200 buy-ins (for the larger fields) was way too nitty.

Instead, I've introduced a "one size fits all" BRM rule . . . 100 buy-ins for ANY field size (be it a 1-table SNG or a 5000-player MTT).  I can now detect affordable tourneys at-a-glance as a result.

Because this now means that I'm unable to touch the $0.50 SNGs until the BR returns to the $50 mark, I've now upped my frequency of satellites . . . in particular, ones for the Hot $2.20 here on PokerStars and the BLT over on FullTilt . . . each one costing just $0.22.

And as April beckons, Sunday week (13th) sees me readily qualified for the "Deadline Turbo" satellite for the Sunday Storm 3rd Anniversary MTT.   Something to look forward to whilst ridding the BR of its nightmare downswing a couple of weeks back.