Feb 2014 online poker stats :

Feb 1st   : bankroll = $40.19
Feb 28th : bankroll = $42.91

profit = $2.72
time = 27 hours

hourly win rate = (just over) 10c per hour


A very quiet month on the poker front, in fact apart from the World Record Attempt MTT on Feb 23rd, I played no poker at all in the final nine days of February, as other more pressing tasks and engagements took precedent.

As in January, the bankroll swayed just a little (between $36 and $43).

I had hoped to embark this month in a quest to achieve Chrome Star status, but with a lot of preparations for my upcoming wedding in June, together with the bankroll not progressing quite as quickly upwards as I expected, it looks as though that goal is on ice . . . for now.


Speaking of the bankroll, I find myself in a quandary.   On the excellent site PocketFives I came across an article from 2008 by "Jennifear" who suggested that for any SNG or MTT with 180+ runners, the bankroll should cover 200 buy-ins . . . see the link just below:


My current bankroll guidelines go up to 100 buy-ins for fields of 180+.  Now, following Jennifear's guidlines would mean that, until my bankroll reaches $60, I'd be back to grinding out the 10c Turbo SNG-360s before moving to the 50c Turbo SNG-45s.

Recently I have dabbled with the 25c SNG-45s, but they're regular speed, not turbo, which means having to commit well over two hours for the time it takes to complete one.


At the other (less conservative) end of the scale, Arnold Snyder's worthy "Poker Tournament Formula" book suggests (via a chart) a bankroll cover of only approximately 25 buy-ins for a 180 field (although his bankroll requirements increase to over 100 buy-ins for 3000+ fields).


Bitter experience with hefty downswings has caused me to gradually tighten my bankroll management from Snyder's suggestions to where it is now.

But will it be a conservative step too far if I adopt Jennifear's BRM chart?   Jennifear does, in fairness, go on to suggest a more relaxed BRM for the recreational player (rather than the pro or semi-pro), so perhaps my 100 buy-in rule for the 180+ fields are OK at the micro level I play at?