I settled back last night around 7pm to schedule in a 4-hour-plus session of SNGs, MTTs and satellites, 10-tabling as per normal . . . with football commentary on the radio for added comfort.


However by about 8.30pm, I was fully aware that my brain wasn't exactly sharing my desire to play up to the witching hour . . . it felt lethargic, stodgy . . . and I was struggling to focus on the ten tables which, usually, I'd be taking in my stride.   It was a kind of "mental tilt", in other words.

At this point, common sense prevailed and I gradually wound down the tables, with the last new table being a 10c MTT at 9pm.

Out of 16 tourneys, I did cash in 4 of them (albeit all mini-cashes) . . . but more importantly I'd succumbed to the superior common sense advice . . . when tired / not focused / the A-game's gone for walkies, then leave the table and take a break!

$1 down on the session, but no regrets about my ultimate decision.