Jan 2014 online poker stats :


Jan 1st   : bankroll = $38.00
Jan 31st : bankroll = $40.19

profit = $2.19
time = 46 hours

hourly win rate = (just under) 5c per hour


A mixed bag of a month, with the bankroll wavering between $35 and $45.

The January Daily Challenges have certainly helped to bolster the 'roll, with a few tiny cashes in the All-In Shootouts.   I've even had to (reluctantly) pop into the ZOOM cash games to complete some of the Challenges, despite my 'roll not being high enough to play in them on a normal basis.

Otherwise it's been dominated by SNGs (10c, 25c, 50c) with just the one outright win and a handful of second spots.

One thing I have learned this month . . . 10-tabling isn't as frenetic and brain-draining as I thought !

Once the bankroll gets past $50, I hope to push for ChromeStar status . . . but it'll require around 350 SNGs at the 50c level.


Looking ahead, my target for the end of 2014 is to reach a bankroll of $380.    After one month, I'm a little off course, but confident that well-timed aggression (and a few dollops of luck) will get me a big score (or two+) in the MTTs and push me over the line in 334 days time.