2013 online poker stats :

Jan 1st 2013 :  bankroll = $24.01
Dec 31st 2013 : bankroll = $38.00

2013 profit = $13.99
2013 poker time = 754 hours

2013 hourly win rate = (just under) 2c per hour

OK, nothing to trouble the hard-hitting nosebleed-stakes pros there.

Quite a rollercoaster year with the bankroll, though . . . it went as low as $7 in March and as high as $64 in May.   A few vicious downswings forced me to reassess my bankroll management guidelines, and as 2014 begins I confidently believe that the phrase "scared money" has been well and truly put to sleep.

During 2013, in tandem with my PokerStars account, I revived my Full Tilt account . . . logical, considering they were bought by Stars and hence money transfers were as easy as ABC.

So although there were no big scores in 2013 (a $22 win on a $1 SNG was as good as it got), it looks promising for 2014.   Still quite a few leaks to plug, but I hope in the coming year to take the bankroll back to the $100+ level for the first time since 2011.

Bring it on!