So there I was . . . one week into the November Open Skill Freeroll League (run by PokerStars / PokerSchool), having racked up eight freerolls.    Unfortunately I had no idea where I was in the Open League standings . . . the PokerSchool website simply displayed a "N/A" next to my rank.


Following numerous emails back and forth, PokerStars revealed to me that my Open League results for November did not count, because I had actually qualified for the Premier League !

To compound matters even more, on sifting through my Spam inbox, there . . . in amongst all the Viagra ads and online casino flyers . . . was an email from PokerStars (unread for a whole week) notifying me of my Premier League qualification . . . the email was sent the day before the month's freerolls got underway on Nov 3rd !

Sod's law I hadn't done my daily spam check for an entire week . . . but, better late than never . . . and eight freerolls later, I'm nestling just outside the leaderboard's top 500 (out of 1370+ players) in my maiden Premier League month . . . a top 500 finish will guarantee me a $2 bonus . . . a top 800 finish (plus 20 VPPs) will guarantee me another month in the Premier League.   Losing an entire week, the top 500 is the only realistic target, but I'll be more than prepared for December!

The thing is . . . unlike the Open League freerolls, where half the 10,000 field have busted out within 10 minutes or so, the Premier League freerolls are far smaller in size (usually 200 to 400) and, with longer levels, play out far more like a normal MTT.    I'm still trying to find my feet as to what is the most favourable strategy to adopt.   Certainly sitting on my stack like a crazed tight nit (as I did in the Open League) is not the way to go . . . but it seems that adopting a slightly tighter stance than in a normal MTT is workable.  It's produced some high finishes (leaderboard points gained) but also some far lower ones (leaderboard points lost).  Some tweaks still required, but overall quite satisfied so far.