I just finished the morning tournament in the mid four hundreds out of alittle over a thousand. Played pretty solid poker except for the last hand. i had KQ under the gun with the blinds at 100/200. It folds all the way around to the button where a player pushes all in. He has around 3000 in chips so i have him covered by about 75 dollars. I think about it for awhile and then i make the donkey move of calling him. He flips over AQ. Of course the flop comes out 9 Q K. So on the flop i am happy even with the bad play. Turn comes a Q. and then wait for it. on the river the magic card hits A. Giving him the hand and i am on my way to the rail. It happens i dont blame him for pushing. I dont think i would have gone allin but my dumb play of calling made it where i deserved to lose that hand. it happens but there are more tournaments to come. see you at the table