my new strategy is paying off. Had two solid runs in two tournaments of 1500 or more people. Cant complain about that. Just got to work on the way i play in the beginning of the month so i can move further up the leaderboard. Last hand of this tournament. blinds are at 500/1000. I am on the button. i have a stack of around 9000. player a is first to act with a good size stack of around 21000. He raises under to two thousand. We are about fifteen people away from the money. Folds around to me with only the blinds left to act. I look down at AQ so i raise to 4000 to see where i stand. Okay move but i could have just called. The original raiser calls. Not a good sign. Flop comes out all baby cards. So unless he has a pocket pair of KK or QQs i am sitting ok. I shove the rest of my stack in. The original player calls showing K9 and hits his nine on the river. Thats part of the game. But each time I got called to a show down I had the best hand so my game is getting better. Hope to see you at the tables.