Played the ten am game this morning with alot better mind set..After spending christmas in biloxi, I came back to florida with the firm belief that if you are going to play you have to be aggressive. I took this new strategy to the tables this morning and proceeded to crush people right away. Instead of playing tight, I let my game loose and played my style of poker. I ended up coming in 56th place in this mornings tournament. Could have done better if I didnt have to go to work today. During the season i made one semi bad call where I had two players go all in and i called with J5 suited. Naturally i hit the flush to break them both when they hade AK and AQ and they never improved. I know that i should not have been in there with these cards but i also knew how both players played the game. So i figured that i was not that much of an underdog since i had a three to one chip lead on everyone on the table. Thanks again to all the players and be ready because I am no longer going to play it safe. See you at the tables