I know that i most likely spelled the last word of my post wrong but the same thing might be running wrong. I dont complain that much. I do play a game that has several holes in it but i get upset with this site alot when i see a two outer hit time and time again to beat me and others. I know the better you get the more you will see bad beats but when you go in with the worst hand and hit the flop hard. then the gu  only has  two outs and hits it to beat you. that hurts alot. The guy has pocket kings against me with AQ.  I raise, he reraises. Smart move on his part. Narrows what i think he has. So i call. the flop comes out Q 3 Q rainbow. Naturally i feel like i just hit the lottery. I bet, he raises, i go all in, he calls. We show and then on the turn his magic card hits. the King comes out to give him a full house over my trip queens. It is part of the game and i know how it hurts but i have seen this alot and am now beginning to wonder if it the random is not so random