Played most of the tourneys yesterday and did not have great results. Had one tournament where I went up against a player who held QJo. I had KQo. I shot out at every street. On the turn I knew i was ahead. Made a huge bet he naturally called. Naturally the Jack hit the river to give him two pair and boot me out of the tournament early. I should know better than to get my whole stack in early in the tournament but I got to admit that it hurts when you have them drawing to a three outer and it hits. Next tournament i short stacked and have aces. I make a raise to five times the big blind. I get one caller who holds KQ. the flop comes out 3 4 J rainbow. He has to hit runner runner to beat me. I ship it in and he hits the two cards he needs for a straight. I know that i am making mistakes. I also know that I still need to work on my patience in the early rounds when the blinds are low. I will continue to learn and slowly work my way up the leaderboard. Hope to see you at the tables