Last tournament of the night, Just started the tournament and I lost about 100 of my chips off the bat. Not  bad can wait, be patient and pick some spots to make my chips back. Raise preflop five times the big blind with AQsuited. Got two colors. Flop comes out 3h 10s 2h. Raise about half the pot maybe alittle more. One guy folds, one caller. Turn comes down 8d. I push all in giving the wrong odds to call with anything less than two pair. Even a flush draw should fold but as you can tell by the title of the blog i get the draw to call and he hits. Same guy was the ultimate flushmaster as he chased six times that i saw at the table and hit five out of the six. Im glad that we can take notes on players for this will help in the long run. I have the next two days off and plan on playing all the tournaments I can get in between here and another site. Good luck to all and I hope to see you at the tables. P.S. especially if you are a flushmaster